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S.O.R.* measurement of Amino acids


  Amino acid (Amino acid) is the basic structure unit of protein. It gives the  protein with specific molecular structure and enable the molecule has his biochemical properties. The protein is an important active molecule in organisms, including enzyme which catalytic the process of metabolism.

  A variety of proteins in living organisms is composed of 20 basic amino acids . All these 20 amino acids except glycine are optically active. The structures of these amino acids are similar, all are alpha amino acids (except proline), and the same configuration, L type. But they have different optical rotation properties.

  There is no certain relationship between the D,L-amino acid (structure)and the d,l-optical active molecule.  

  8 kinds of essential amino acids were: methionine, tryptophan, lysine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, phenylalanine, threonine.


1)  Food industry: it can be used as food nutritional supplement. This will help the growth and development. 

2)  Medical grade L- threonine is used to prepare composite amino acid infusion and amino acid formulations.

▶ L-lysine hydrochloride

  Lysine is also known as the first essential amino acid

1)  The food industry: lysine which is added to rice, flour, canned food can improve the utilization rate of the protein, thereby greatly enhancing food nutrition. This will help to promote growth and development, improve appetite, reduce disease, improve physique. For in canned food, there is deodorizing and fresh-keeping effect.

2)  Pharmaceutical industry: it is an important component of the nutritional amino acids.  Lysine, a variety of vitamins, glucose mixture can be used as nutritional supplements. It can be absorbed after oral absorption by the stomach. Lysine can also improve the performance of some drugs, improve the efficacy.

▶ L-alanine  

1)  Food industry: Improving the taste of artificial sweeteners and sour agents, increasing chemical seasoning effects, improving the taste of alcohol beverage products. Good effects on improving the products quality and taste, oils and various condiments, pickled products et al.

2)  Pharmaceutical industry: it is an important raw material for VB6 synthesis. Also an important component of the nutritional amino acids.

▶L-glutamic acid 

It is one of the common amino acids. It is involved in the metabolism of proteins and sugars in  the brain, promoting the oxidation process and improving the function of the central nervous  system.

1)  Food industry: used as a nutritional supplement, flavor agent, sour agent, antistaling agent.

2)  Pharmaceutical industry: can be used as brain nutrients to participate in human detoxification and sugar metabolism.

▶DL- alanine

1) Food industry: mainly used as food seasoning and nutritional supplements. 

2)  Pharmaceutical industry: used as amino acid drugs for the treatment of liver cirrhosis, hepatoprotective agents, and drug poisoning.

* DL: In synthesis, generally use (DL) to express the raceme, that is, two kinds of optical isomers accounted for each of the 50%, the mixture of the system with a specific optical rotation is 0. The S.O.R. Of this kind amino acid is 0.

** S.O.R.:Specific Optical Rotation


  IP-digi2 digital polarimeter has thermostat system(Peltier), Directly take the S.O.R. Measurement. It fully meets the requirements of the amino acid measurement.

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