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Measurement of The content of Fructose in the Fructose syrup

  A method is used to get the content of the Fructose in the Fructose syrup via measuring the Fructose syrup using the Refractometer and the Polarimeter. Then calculate the specific data via a certain formula to get the content of the Fructose in the Fructose syrup.

Sample:fructose syrup

▶ Instrument:  Insmark Refractometer IR140 (Thermostat control system)

   IP-digi2 digi Polarimeter (Thermostat control system)

▶ Room temperature: 22.0℃;

▶ IR140 Refractometer(Thermostat control system): take the measurement of the solid content of the sample at 20.0℃.

▶ IP-digi2 Polarimeter (Thermostat control system – Peltier)

   Method: Optical Rotation

   Temperature setting: 20.0 ℃, thermostat control system is on.

   Thermostat-sample tube length: 1dm

▶ Add sample solution into the thermostat sample tube, put it in the sample chamber and take the measurement readings.

▶ Calculation:

   Calculate the content of the Fructose(%) in the Fructose syrup according to the formula:

 α- Optical Rotation of the sample

 L - length of the thermo-sample tube(dm)

 G - solid content of the sample(%)

 T - temperature of the sample(℃)


  The combine usage of Refractometer and Polarimeter provides an easy, quick, repeatability measurement method for the Fructose analysis.

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