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Refractive Index measurement of heavy oil(oily) sample


▶ Sample from:Guangzhou Industry University

The samples are heavy oil, thick with high viscosity. Sample 2# even has higher viscosity.

▶ Instrument:Shanghai Insmark Automatic Refractometer IR180 

▶ A number of experiments have been taken in the Insmark laboratory, it is proved that the measurement results have good repeatability at 25.0℃.

▶ Measuring temperature: 25.0℃:















▶ IP-digi2 Polarimeter (Thermostat control system – Peltier)

   Method: Optical Rotation

   Temperature setting: 20.0 ℃, thermostat control system is on.

   Thermostat-sample tube length: 1dm

▶ Add sample solution into the thermostat sample tube, put it in the sample chamber and take the measurement readings.

▶ Calculation:

   Calculate the content of the Fructose(%) in the Fructose syrup according to the formula:

 α- Optical Rotation of the sample

 L - length of the thermo-sample tube(dm)

 G - solid content of the sample(%)

 T - temperature of the sample(℃)


  The combine usage of Refractometer and Polarimeter provides an easy, quick, repeatability measurement method for the Fructose analysis.


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