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Bye-bye 2022


Dear InsMark customers,


Thank you for the business with us! 2022 is a difficult year so we very appreciated your support.


The suffering 2022 finally is leaving. I do believe: none of human being in the world likes to see a year like this again.


InsMark is a scientific instrument manufacturer that located in Shanghai, China. Our biggest suffer is the strange lockdown. Factory was almost forced to shut down last week because of this bloody Covid. It is making us seriously sick but right now most colleagues are recovered, and back to work. Thanks God!


We still feel lucky in 2022, as we contributed something for InsMark and friends this year. We reserved masks for people who needed help; we didn’t increase price, we worked overtime to ensure product supply, and we even created a new product line – Particle Characterization Products.

We also have made many new friends oversea. Our company founder is a Chinese-New Zealander. Her purpose of setting up InsMark is not just for making money. She wants to make a big family to people, let the world knowing that Chinese’s people could make quality products, and be here to help people when needed.


We believe: quality sense is not only about the products themselves, but also the care from people. To people all over the world, we produce instruments with love, we deliver service with care.


Thank you very much, my friends. Thank you for joining InsMark’s journey for the last 12 years. As a special company, we will always keep neutral, with international vision, and work with love and care.


We pray for peace and love for the coming 2023! Thank you very much.

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