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Time to speed up

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COVID-19 has made a strong impact to every country’s economic, as well as to companies and people’s life. The good thing is that we now have vaccines, which is the belief for us to re-start immediately.

InsMark,as an international brand name, after celebrated its 10th anniversary in October last year, we are even more confident to announce: we have decided to aggressively promote our products into oversea market.

For a long time, products made in China have attractive prices but relatively poor quality and service.  InsMark is different,  it rooted from its founders, who are a team of professional persons with oversea background. We promise our product quality and service capability.

We believe, it is the same that we all have in mind: record says a lot. 

After 10 years in market, particularly in China market, InsMark has built up its understanding image already. For example, in parmarceutical industry, InsMark has installed hundreds of poarimeters, customers’ feedback is: high accuracy with modern data management software.

History also tell us: within one year warranty period, faulty rate is nearly zero. It makes 3 years warranty possible, and this policy has been used for customers in domestic market for many years.

Besides, during last 10 years, without aggressive promotion, InsMark still sold many units to USA, Europe, Africa, Middle-east, and Asia. According to our service records, hardware broken is very rare, which is only happened in India; we did receive some application cases, such as special sample testing, operation skill, and software running. Fortunately after those practices, we now have an experienced technical support team.

So, welcome to use InsMark products, it definitely brings you much benefit!

What’s new in 2021?
We have launched 8 products for standard lab applications, 2 products reach even better accuracy, specially designed for special application segements. L type products reach data management profession for standard lab: 
software design strictly follows GLP guideline; data management becomes so easy for lab manager; Operator also enjoy the convenience of instrument. 300/T reaches higher accuracy, ideal for racemate sample in drug research and RC application; 
IR180/T is designed for beverage application, which we have already installed several units.

Please feel free to surfing this website, and contact us for more detail.


Thank you very much.

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