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Brix measurement of XXX herbal tea 


▶ Sample from: XXX herbal tea company

▶ Instrument: Shanghai Insmark Automatic Refractometer IR180

▶ Each added sample takes 6 times measurement

▶ Measurement Temperature setting:  20.0 ℃(thermostat system)













▶ Normally 0.3%Brix difference is the request by the customers. But this company needs a 2-digits accuracy. 

▶ If the sample temperature is different from the room temperature, it is suggested to switch on the instrument thermostat system when taking the sample          measurement. Meanwhile a special sample cup cover is needed. This will help the sample in the sample cup to reach the instrument setting temperature quickly and to get a more accurate measurement results. If the special sample cup cover is used, only 1-2 drop sample solution is needed for taking the sample measurement.

 ▶ Suggestion: 

Insmark Refractometer IR180 is suitable for the herbal tea measurement.  Temperature setting: 20.0℃,thermostat system is on. Special sample cup cover is needed.

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