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S.O.R.* measurement of a medicine (365nm WL**)


▶ Sample:

   These samples are from a pharmaceutical company for exporting to Europe. Thesamples should be measured with a polarimeter at 365nm light wavelength to           meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.


  Measurement temperature:25.0±0.5℃; lamp wavelength: 365nm; MeOH as solvent; 

  Sample’s Specific Optical Rotation: -215.0~-230.0.

  Sample ID: PHIQ-3120305、PHIQ-1150601、PHIQ-1150606

▶ Measurement procedure:

1)  Instrument: IP-digi365, lamp wavelength: 365nm

2)  Temperature setting: 25.0℃

3)  Thermostat sample tube length: 1 dm, 

4)  Sample preparation: weigh the sample 0.5g(accuracy 0.1mg)in a beaker, add a little amount of MeOH to dissolve it. Transfer the solution to a 100mL volumetric       flask, add more MeOH solvent to the mark according to the standard procedure. Sample concentration: 0.5g/100mL.

5)  Add pure MeOH solvent into the thermostat sample tube, calibrate the instrument.

6)  Add the sample solution into the thermostat sample tube, take the measurement readings, Specific Optical Rotation. Each sample take 5 times               readings, get the average value.

▶ Results (Specific Optical Rotation):




▶ Calculation results:



▶ The same batch drugs were sent to Europe Lab to take the same measurement. The results are the same as those using Insmark Polarimeter measured.

  3. Conclusion: 

 Shanghai Insmark IP-digi365 polarimeter satisfies the requirement for the sample measurement at 365nm wavelength.


*S.O.R.: Specific Optical Rotation

**WL: wavelength

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