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 Refractive Index measurement of Tomato Sauce


▶ Sample: Tomato Sauce

▶ Instrument: Shanghai Insmark Automatic Refratometer IR180

▶ Temperature setting: 20.0℃,

▶ Measurement method: soluble solids(%mas)

▶ Take 3 times measurement for each added sample


▶ When taking this sample measurement with traditional Abbe refractometer, it is hard to take the readings due to the sample color, and it is easy to cause the error of measurement.

▶  The tomato sauce is viscous sample, especially at lower temperature. It is recommended to use IR180 Refractometer which has Peltier (thermostat) system, taking the sample measurement at 20.0℃.

▶  The user has to wipe the sample cup and the prism surface more times to clean it due to the tomato sauce viscosity. In this case the sapphire prism is recommended for the user. Sampphire prism will ensure the accuracy of the instrument and long service life due to no scratches on its surface.

 Suggestion: Refractometer IR180 is suitable for Tomato sauce measurement. The measurement temperature is 20.0℃,thermostat system is on.

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