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Refractive Index measurement of medical sodium hyaluronate gel

▶ Sample from:Shanghai XX company

▶ Sample name: Sodium hyaluronate gel(medical)

▶ Instrument: Shanghai Insmark Automatic Refractometer IR180

▶ Two Refractometers from different companies are used to measure the same sample at the same time.

▶ Temperature setting: 25.0℃

▶ Measurement result:

                         Mettler Refractometer RE400: 1.3365nD   

                         Insmark Refractometer IR180: 1.33656nD


1. Insmark Automatic Refractometer IR180 has monitoring, alarm and temperature compensation functions. When the ambient temperature changes, the instrument will have a self-compensation to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. When the ambient temperature has a big change, the instrument will automatically give an alarm, remind the user to do a instrument calibration. This is the unique function for Insmark Refractometer.

2. Meet the requirements of GLP, GMP. Follow the standard operation of the laboratory.

3.There are seven built in measurement modes. This greatly simplifies the calculation process. The experimental data directly and accurately displayed to the user.

The error caused by the calculation is avoided.

4. 10 customed measurement modes allow the user to get more easily measurements.

5. Data output function - RS232 and USB U disk export data. This greatly facilitate the customer to transfer the measurement data.

6. Built-in Peltier thermostat system. This will control the sample cup temperature precisely at pre-set value to ensure reliable measurement results (without outer water-bath ).

7. Sapphire prism guarantees has no scratches and has long service life time. Get more accurate measurement results.


Insmark Automatic Refractometer IR180 has reliable quality, stability, good repeatability performance. It is cost-effective, easy operation


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